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On Indian Philosophy and Buddhist Studies

Lecture at Tokyo University

Tokyo 595.jpg The three days serial lecture delivered by Prof. D. Goodall took place at Tobunken, Tokyo University, when cherry blossoms in Tokyo were just in full bloom.
3月27日午後3時~5時 Tantric Saiva Beginnings as reflected in the Nisvasatattvasamhita 3月28日午後3時~5時 Remarks on the systematization of theology and of ritual in the Saiva Siddhanta 3月29日午後3時~5時 Prescription and practice in the representation of South Indian temple door-keepers (illustrated with slides) 場所:東洋文化研究所大会議室(東京大学本郷構内工学部8号館7階)

Tokyo 719.jpg While outside people were strongly obsessed with cherry blossoms, Sanskritists gathered inside were equally obsessed with Indian classical text, image and ritual.

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Lecture at Kyoto University

Kyoto 020.jpg The second lecture delivered by Prof. D. Goodall took place at Jin-bun-ken, Kyoto University. The institute was moving into a new building, which still was very in the middle of interior finish work.
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 日時: 3月21日(金) 午後3時から 場所: 京都大学人文科学研究所本館(新)[旧工学部5号館] 3階 セミナー室4 (331) 講演タイトル: Cambodian inscriptions of the seventh century
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Falafel possibilities in Hamburg and Kyoto

P6291877.jpg A Sanskrit scholar might miss the famous falafel place near Hamburg University, Falafel Al Pascha.

Kyoto 013.jpg A ten minutes' walk from Kyoto University will take you its substitute, Falafel Garden.

Kyoto 016.jpg A relief for a vegetarian visiting Japan.
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Toji (East Temple), Kyoto

Kyoto 099.jpg A Sanskrit scholar of Shaiva Tantra of course never fails to visit the famous Shingon temple, Toji (East Temple). Outside it is a normal, beautiful garden as is often seen in Kyoto, but inside there are magnificent statues. (Photography inside is not allowed.)
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Kyoto037.jpg A fifteen minutes' walk up from Kyoto University will take you to Mo-an, a cafe on top of Yoshida Yama hill.

Kyoto047.jpg Pita bread sandwich for lunch.
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On the beach of the Miyajidake Shrine

Miyajidake 251.jpg A short drive from Kyushu University takes you to the famous Miyajidake shrine and the long beach in its front.
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An edition of Sabarabhasya ad 1.1.6-23 online

Title: A Critical Edition of Śābarabhāşya ad 1.1.6–23: Śabdanityatvādhikaraņa Authors: Kataoka, Kei (片岡啓) Issue Date: 2007-12月(Dec)-19 Publisher: 東京大学東洋文化研究所 Citation: 東洋文化研究所紀要. 第152冊, 2007.12, pp. 530-580 [The Memoirs of the Institute of Oriental Culture, Vol. 152] URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/8134 ISSN: 05638089 Appears in Collections: 東洋文化研究所紀要 http://repository.dl.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/dspace/bitstream/2261/8134/1/ioc152013.pdf http://repository.dl.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/dspace/handle/2261/8134 http://hdl.handle.net/2261/8134
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Reading Ramakantha's Tattvatrayanirnayavivrti

The reading session continued both at Kyushu University and Kyoto University. Besides the reading session, Prof. D. Goodall, who was invited to the department of Indology, Kyushu University, also delivered lectures at Kyushu University, Kyoto University and Tokyo University.
IMG_6649.jpg Reading session at Kyushu.

DDSG020.jpg Reading session at Kyoto.

Tokyo 003.jpg Lecture at Tokyo.
The results of this project will appear in the next volume of our journal ``South Asian Classical Studies'', vol. 3.
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at Hakozaki-gu shrine

Dominic2008 021.jpg The famous shrine Hakozaki-gu (or Hakozaki Hachiman gu) is just ten minutes' walk from Kyushu University campus. Sanskritists investigating the inscription. The slogan ``defeat the enemy'' written on a board on the upper part of the gate (seen behind in the photo) is a notion particularly associated with a type of tantric homa ritual of Koyasan, which sent monks to perform a 70 days' homa against the Mongolian attack. Before the massive destruction of Buddhist temples in Meiji period, there were Buddhist constructions, statues and monks inside this shrine.
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